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1. How can I make a complaint?
2. How long will it take for Code Enforcement to investigate my complaint?
3. I filed a complaint three weeks ago. Why has nothing been done to rectify the problem?
4. Is it Illegal for someone to have an unlicensed / inoperable vehicle on his or her property?
5. The house across the street has trash and debris scattered through out the yard. Can anything be done to clean up this property?
6. My neighbor refuses to mow his lawn. It is up to my knees. Can anything be done?
7. I received a notice from the Code Enforcement Department, but I can not correct the violation in the time prescribed. What can I do?
8. My neighbor is in violation of our neighborhood covenant. Can your department enforce the covenant?
9. How much can I be fined for violating a property maintenance code?
10. My neighbor planted six bushes on my property. He claims they are his property. Can your department have him remove them off my property?