Zoning Board of Appeals

The Kankakee County Zoning Board of Appeals consists of 7 members appointed by the Kankakee County Board. The Zoning Board of Appeals reviews the request for zoning changes, special uses, variances and text amendments in accordance with the Zoning Board of Appeals Rules of Procedure. The current membership of the Zoning Board of Appeals is:

  • Gene Rademacher (Chairperson)
  • David Deyoung (Vice-Chairman)
  • Willie Ames, Committee Member               
  • Brett Harrod, Committee Member       
  • Elizabeth Scanlon, Committee Member                                                                 
  • Dennis Martin, Committee Member       
  • Jason O’Connor, Committee Member       

The Kankakee County Regional Planning Department serves as the staff of the Zoning Board of Appeals. All zoning inquires should be made to the Kankakee County Planning Department and not to the Zoning Board of Appeals. We advise all petitioners to not contact the ZBA directly. A Citizens Guide to Zoning Board of Appeals can be found on the Citizens Guide (PDF).